To you,

This is IT. You are getting married. We are SO thrilled for you.

Which is why you’re here…

We are your ninja photographers who you can call friends. We will help you feel super comfy and SHINE like the goddess that you are in every single picture. You need support on your wedding day, not a stony face stranger following you round making you feel suuuuper awkward. Think of us as your extra bridesmaids with cameras. We know how daunting this is, and we want you to know that we’ve got your back.

Grab a latte, we have a little bit of advice to help your day run smoothly and STRESS FREE while getting all the pictures you want ’til your hearts content…

That ‘getting ready’ room in the morning. Don’t let your family and friends trash it while they get ready too. This is your haven of peace and excitement. No one wants to see a Waitrose carrier bag, a half eaten croissant or a pile of booze bottles from the night before on their wedding photos. Make those bridesmaids have a little tidy up before the photography cavalry arrives.

Treat yourself to a nice clothes hanger for your dress, after all, this tiny piece of equipment will be gently supporting your goddess dress for hours (a very important job) Plus it will add that extra special detail to your wedding photos. You can get wooden dress hangers and have them dated or even encrusted with crystals, why would you not need more bling in your life?

Half an hour before the ceremony, kick everyone out of your room and breathe. Take a sip of champagne. This time gets all too stressful with people rushing you. Enjoy this moment. This final moment of being one, this final moment before your accomplice gets to see you, and you share your vows of love for each other. Soak this time in and BREATHE. You need some relaxed pictures of this very minute as it encapsulates the start of your new life. You will not thank us for taking pictures of you looking stressed while your bridesmaids fan you with make up palettes to cool you down!

On a small note…tell your venue organiser to ensure that no one puts a bottle of Chablis or a pint of breadsticks right in front of you on that top table. The whole room (and of course us) wants to be able to see you both, you are the main stars of the show , WE ALL WANT TO SEE YOU.  Keep your table area nice and clear, you guys should be the centre of attention, not only for photographs during the speeches but so we can catch those stolen kisses and romantic whispers ninja styley without dodging the wine bottles and Mother of the Bride flowers. 

Most of all laugh, laugh hard and enjoy every second….’In this imperfect world you chose each other. This is your love story.

We have lots of other wedding advice hacks to share with you, and throughout your day we will make sure that you look your best,  feel comfortable being around us (you won’t even notice our cameras) and that we capture every chapter of your epic day.

Please feel free to get in touch and ask us any questions, make a list, we are happy to answer them.

See you soon, Love K&E xx