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We LOVE weddings – who wouldn’t, right? It is an amazing job and we know it is a privilege to be chosen as your wedding photographers. We do this because we love meeting people and photographing amazing moments, it is not a job to us. This is means more to us and we want you to feel that too.

We are your Wedding Photographers in Staffordshire!

Our style is relaxed, fun and certainly unobtrusive. Combining both traditional portraiture and documentary photography to capture every moment of your wedding day. We like to get to know all of our couples before the big day and even take you for a mini photo shoot to get you used to being in front of our cameras. It is important that you trust us and feel comfortable with us but also to feel confident in the pictures that we capture and create for you.

How we became friends? We met at Staffordshire University in 2008 where we were both studying for a Degree in Media Production – Photography. Individually we come from different backgrounds and parts of the world, but our love of photography (and the below) brought us together. Subsequently we became known affectionately as K&E in 2009.

A few points to note about us that we think are quite important – our love for mayonnaise, coffee and cake is epic, obviously not together, and we can be bribed with any of the above for a discount, that is how much we love them!

Karienne is a sun worshipper and a keen traveller. She disappears to hot countries in search of sunshine whenever possible. On the other hand, Elizabeth loves cosy winter nights by the fire, spending time with her three gorgeous kids and restoring vintage furniture. Karienne loves putting her running gear on and jogging through beautiful parks. Liz on the other hand can’t resist a bag of crisps and a cold Chardonnay!

Have a look through our galleries, drop us a message or give us a call and we can grab a coffee to talk about your wedding day.

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