Fairytale Summer Wedding | Planinka Slovakia | Staffordshire Wedding Photography | August 2016

‘I don’t want realism, I want magic!’ 

Tennessee Williams

Venue Planinka Slovakia

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We are finally sharing this stunning wedding which we photographed last summer in sunny Slovakia. This beautiful couple had the most perfect day and everything ran smoothly from the start to finish. The weather was perfect,  the day ran on schedule, guests were having lots of fun and the food was absolutely fantastic! Every bride’s dream!

If you are a regular on our blog you may remember from one of our previous blogs that in Slovakia the weddings are done slightly differently. It is not unusual for a bride and groom to get ready together in the morning and have their photographs done before the ceremony. This gives us a good few hours to create some stunning images and in the afternoon the bride and groom can give their full attention to their guests. And that is exactly what we did at this wedding too!

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There is something else I wanted to write about today. Traditional wedding games, these can vary from country to country, even from region to region but can really add an element of fun to your day. So for example in Slovakia, the bride and groom are tested whether they are ready for the marriage.

Upon their arrival at the venue, before the happy couple and their guests can sit down and enjoy the wedding breakfast, the bride has to show that she can clean up or tie her hubby’s tie; on the other hand her husband needs to be able to help out in the kitchen so he needs to prove himself and whisk some egg whites and then hold the bowl above his head to prove he has done it well! This is all for a bit of fun and guests absolutely love it and it makes for some great photographs too! Keep scrolling down to see the images…

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K&E xx

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